Alethya Limited is a London-based consulting and technology company which helps individuals and groups prosper through conscious choices and intentional relationships.

Our mission is allowing people to explore, self-determine and thrive in their personal and interpersonal lives, whatever their sexual orientation, gender identity, relationship framework, age, ability, background, ethnicity, national origin, religion and political opinion.

At Alethya, we challenge rules and question stereotypes, we debate the old, the new and the possible and we offer a multi-channel platform to enable personal growth from the heart of a supportive network. Compassion, tolerance and non-judgmental attitude are at the heart of everything we do.  We believe in diversity, and that strength can only achieved through shared vulnerability, effective communication and honesty about one’s needs and desires.

Alethya comes from the Ancient Greek word ἀλήθεια (aletheia [əˈlɪθɪə]), translated as “Disclosure”​, “Unconcealedness”​, “Emergent Truth”​, as opposed to “Fakeness”​, “Concealment”​, “The State of Being Hidden”. First appearing in the teachings of the pre-Socratic school, aletheia is a radical notion with a rich and millenary history. It was popularised in modern times by the work of the German philosopher Martin Heidegger (Being and Time, 1927). For Heidegger, the appearance of a thing and the thing itself are interconnected: they are one and the same. But things do not appear themselves. They are uncovered to someone. Thus, uncovering requires not only what is being uncovered, but also another being this being is uncovered to: a human being. Openness, sincerity and the emergence of one’s authentic and evolving self are at the heart of our mission. It is following in this tradition as old as Western thought itself that in 2017 we created Alethya.

We are present with two brands, covering events, consulting, professional support and mobile apps.


Alethya Events

Alethya Events run unique, exciting gatherings that enrich your mind and stimulate your senses. We also organise conferences and workshops on topics as wide-ranging as effective communication, sugar addiction and non-monogamy.



Alethya Technologies

Alethya Technologies utilise social science and mobile technology to advance the way people connect, communicate and look after their relationships.



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Meet The Founders

Anita Cassidy

Andrea Enrico Solza

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