Please read this policy carefully before using Alethya
Date last revised: October 2018

This Policy sets out the terms under which you may use Alethya; it supplements all other documents, policies and terms governing your use of our website (listed in our Terms of Use available at We may revise or amend this Policy at any time, so you are advised to check back regularly. Changes will be legally binding on you, regardless of whether prior notification is given. All capitalised but undefined terms used in this Policy have the meaning(s) given to them in our User Terms and Conditions. Your use of Alethya means that you accept, and agree to abide by, all terms in this Policy. ALETHYA is operated by Alethya Limited (number 10928115). Our registered office is on Halford Road, London, SW6. For any related queries, please contact us by email in the first instance, at hello AT

1. Restrictions

1.1 Put simply, we want you to use Alethya only for lawful purposes. You therefore may not use Alethya:
(a) in any way that breaches any applicable laws of the UK;
(b) in any way that is unlawful or fraudulent (or has that purpose of effect);
(c) to harm (or attempt to harm) others, or to encourage others to do the same;
(d) to encourage others to commit criminal acts;
(e) to transmit or send any unauthorised advertising or promotional material (or other form of similar solicitation);
(f) to collect user content or otherwise search or scrape Alethya using automated means (such as through harvesting bots, robots or scrapers) without our prior consent; or
(g) to knowingly transmit any data, or send or upload any material that contains viruses, Trojan horses, worms, time-bombs, keystroke loggers, spyware, adware or any other harmful programs or similar computer code designed to adversely affect the operation of any of our software or hardware, or to circumvent our security or authentication measures.
1.2 You agree not to:
(a) use meta tags, hidden text, or metadata with our trademark, logo, URL or product name (Alethya) without our prior written consent;
(b) link or frame any part of Alethya in contravention of this Policy or section 10 of the Terms of Use;
(c) upload large amounts of unwanted or repetitive content;
(d) post unsolicited messages in comments, captions or tags;
(e) try to artificially boost views or comments on any content;
(f) reproduce, duplicate, copy or re-sell any part of Alethya
1.3 You agree not to access without permission, or interfere with, damage or disrupt any:
(a) part of our website;
(b) equipment or network on which any part of the website is stored;
(c) software used in the provision of the website; or
(d) equipment, network or software owned or used by any third party in connection with the operation of the website.
1.4 You must not use Alethya to pledge or demand money, or payments in kind, from others, or to blackmail other users.
1.5 You are reminded of Alethya’s status as an independent service provider to you (see section 12.1 of the Terms of Use). Therefore you must not represent yourself as our agent, partner or affiliate, or make any representations, warranties or guarantees in respect of Alethya at any time (whether online or at any event).

2. Registration

When registering for an account, you agree to ensure that your account details are accurate and represent that the account is associated with you (and not a third party that is not the account holder).

3. Privacy

3.1 At Alethya, we recognise that users may wish to have a heightened expectation of privacy. As such, we are aware of the importance of keeping user’s identities private and confidential at all times.
3.2 When using Alethya, you must not solicit the account details, or access any account that belongs to another user, or undertake any related actions that violate the privacy or publicity rights of another user.
3.3 You agree not to upload any information or content that contains:
(a) ID documents (or otherwise reveals another user’s identity);
(b) sensitive financial information; or
(c) information that is reasonably deemed to be confidential or private.

4. Content standards

4.1 Our aim is to maintain a safe and secure environment for all users, and to keep Alethya operating as a pleasurable experience for all. We therefore require that any uploaded content must not:
(a) defame any person;
(b) discriminate against any person based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age;
(c) infringe the IP Rights of any person;
(d) copy any other content;
(e) misrepresent the identity or affiliation of any person with any other person;
(f) deceive, or be likely to deceive, any person;
(g) breach any legal duty owed to a third party (such as a contractual duty or a duty of confidence);
(h) promote illegal activity;
(i) threaten, abuse or invade another’s privacy;
(j) cause annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety (or that is otherwise cruel and insensitive);
(k) be sexually explicit, pornographic, or violate modesty and human dignity;
(l) exploit minors;
(m) give the impression that it emanates from, or is approved or endorsed by, Alethya (where this is not the case); or
(n) advocate, promote or assist any unlawful act (such as copyright infringement or computer misuse).
4.2 In accordance with section 7 of the Terms of Use, you undertake not to upload any data, information or content to Alethya unless you are the owner of the IP Rights (defined in the Terms of Use) in question, or otherwise have permission of the relevant owner to do so.
4.3 Whilst Alethya offers some form of social connectivity for its users, this is not intended to operate as a social media platform. You must not therefore post photos or content of third parties (whether other Alethya users or members, or not) on Alethya to protect the identity of those persons.

5. Event conduct

5.1 We want each event to be a good experience for everyone. In summary therefore, you (and your guests) must:
(a) be friendly;
(b) be open and honest;
(c) follow instructions of the organiser(s);
(d) contribute to appropriate conversations in a constructive manner; and
(e) respect others’ opinions, views and decisions (including by not responding harshly to rejection).
5.2 Whilst attending any event, you agree not to:
(a) be rude, lewd or otherwise offensive;
(b) cause hassle, aggravation or intimidation;
(c) provoke or harass others; or
(d) resort to violence.
5.3 Whilst attending any event, you must drink responsibly (whether or not alcohol is provided) and respect the safety of yourself and others.
5.4 In organising any event in conjunction with the host, we have done our best to ensure the safety of all guests. However, it is ultimately the responsibility of each attendee to comply with our conduct code (listed in this section) and any health and safety recommendations provided by the host or venue. If, whilst attending any event, you experience inappropriate, offensive, intimidating or otherwise objectionable behaviour that is not within the spirit of the event, you must first inform the event organiser. You may also notify us on the details contained at the start of this Policy.

6. Use by minors

6.1 The use of Alethya by anyone under the age of 18 is prohibited. Registering on behalf of a minor, or permitting the use of an account by a minor shall be a breach of this Policy.
6.2 At all times when using Alethya, you must provide true and accurate information to allow us to verify your age, and take all necessary steps and precautions to ensure that no-one under the age of 18 accesses or views any content that is not appropriate for them.

7. Suspension and termination

7.1 You are advised to notify us at any time if you reasonably consider that there has been a breach of this Policy.
7.2 Where a breach of this Policy occurs, we may take such action as we consider appropriate. Ultimately, whether a breach of this Policy has occurred is a matter for our sole discretion. Any decision we do make to terminate or suspend an account shall be final.
7.3 Failure to comply with this Policy constitutes a material breach of the Terms of Use and may result in us:
(a) immediately withdrawing your access to Alethya (whether permanently or temporarily);
(b) immediately removing any content, postings or material you have uploaded to Alethya (whether permanently or temporarily);
(c) issuing a first or second warning to you;
(d) notifying and requiring you to take all necessary steps (at your own cost) to remove any link or frame of any part of Alethya contained on any other website, blog, webpage or profile;
(e) taking legal proceedings against you for the reimbursement of all of our costs (on an indemnity basis) that we incur as a result of the relevant breach, including our reasonable administrative and legal fees;
(f) taking further legal action against you; and
(g) disclosing such information to law enforcement authorities, either as required or as we reasonably consider necessary.
7.4 We exclude all liability for our actions taken in response to any breach of this Policy. Our rights listed in section 7.3 are not limited, and we may take any other action that we reasonably consider appropriate.