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Alethya wrote recently about the 5am start and how the nonsense spouted around wellness and personal responsibility can be so toxic. We advocate for self awareness and values based living and loving because we believe that, the more of us who choose to live based on honesty, authenticity, respect and kindness, the less harm we will cause in our own lives and to the world around us. We also acknowledge the challenges of doing this in a social, cultural and political environment that is dominated by aggression, greed and fear.

Today we are talking about the – ism’s that are the antithesis of values based living and loving. Racism, sexism, white supremacism, deregulated capitalism. One over-arching word can sum up much of these -ism’s: patriarchy. It is vital to acknowledge that these things are problematic for almost everyone except the 1% of our population that they serve.

The important question is: How can we challenge these structures? Alethya believe we can do do this in the following ways. We also acknowledge that we all start from, and travel through, very different and varied experiences and we shame no one for who or how they are. No one.

We can understand, see clearly and challenge our own innate biases

We can speak our truth

We can cultivate honesty with ourselves and in our relationships

We can learn to feel, as fully as possible, the full range of our feelings

We can listen without judgement

We can demand fair and equal pay, a more than barely-living wage for all

We can demand fair and equal rights for all workers

We can challenge racism and sexism and anti-LGBTQ behaviour

We can consume less, travel less and be more careful with what and how we spend if we are lucky enough to have those resources

We can listen to and then amplify the voices around us of people who are less privileged than us, whatever and wherever we are

We can question the privilege we have as well as interrogate our own values

These are all helpful steps and yet we’re not asking that you take them all at once. Even reading this is a start – it means you are starting to be aware that maybe there is a different way to be in the world than the one we have been told.

Alethya advocate for a values based life. A life lived based on the values of honesty, authenticity, respect and kindness.

Alethya, as a community and a platform, is committed to helping you develop an extraordinary conscious relationship with yourself, and others, based on the values of honesty, authenticity, respect and kindness. We do this by creating space for you to connect every quarter (NEXUS) as well as through events such as “Conscious Relationships… in Conversation” (details coming!) and by providing this platform for you to share your stories and connect. We also share our own stories and writing, list books and resources as well as provide and list coaching and other professional resources.

Come along to a NEXUS event (the next one is this Friday 6 September!) or sign up for email info or join the online community here.


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