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The annual UK Polyday took place over the weekend and Alethya was in attendance as were various members of the community here (*waves to John, Alex and Rah*). The event, which has been running for over ten years, was held in Battersea, London and was a sell out this year with nearly 250 people in attendance to take part in a full day of talks and get-togethers.

The main draw for me were the talks by Kate Lister as well as Zayna Ratty and DK Green, the latter of whom I have seen talk on two previous occasions and who is always wise, compassionate and engaging.

The organisers did a great job of combining talks for both those new to exploring polyamory and more experienced people as well as co-ordinating an energetic and fun speed-friending session which I found really enjoyable and which enabled me to hear a range of different stories and experiences.

The History of Polyamory talk by Kate Lister was not quite as nuanced or as solidly intellectual as I think the audience deserved, with the material all too often being framed for humour rather than information. It was interesting, though, and Kate is an engaging speaker with a lot of enthusiasm for her subject matter, the history of sexuality.

Zayna Ratty was eloquent and passionate as she talked about the experiences of people of colour and was clear on the importance of remembering the importance of remembering race in discussions of intersectionality.

The issues of consent, mental health well as intersectionality all got the attention they deserved as well as there being space for the discussing some of the more practical, day to day challenges of this relationship framework. The issue of solo poly seemed to be a popular topic. I am curious about the increase of interest in this form of polyamory as I explore and define it for myself.

I came away feeling energised and optimistic. I felt that there was a real sense of pride in our community as well as a real willingness to keep learning as well as challenging our own assumptions.

I am already looking forward to Polyday 2019 and hopefully we will see some of you there.


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