Alethya on BBC Radio 5 Live – Discussing Conscious Relationships

Andrea and Anita were invited, on the morning of April 9th, to participate in a live radio conversation about monogamy and non-monogamy.

We were part of a panel of four which also included relationship coach, Sam Owen and Dr Christine Campbell, a psychologist and researcher from St Mary’s University.

The conversation was lively and gave everyone a chance to discuss the challenges and rewards of both relationship styles. Sam feels that commitment, security and emotional stability are important whereas Andrea and Anita value authenticity as well as the development of great communication skills as a way to navigate change as well as challenges.

Research bears out that non-monogamous people and families are as stable and happy as monogamous ones.

The challenges both frameworks represent were discussed openly.

For Alethya, in our support of all conscious relationships choices, it was wonderful to be able to take part in a national conversation about making aware and informed choices about your relationships set up.

Listen here from 02h 36m.


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