Looking forward to 2019

Anita Cassidy

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Van Gogh painted the six sunflower paintings as a symbol of hope. I am feeling, in this week between Christmas and the New Year, very hopeful about 2019. I had a challenging year in 2018. It saw the culmination of all the changes I had been making in the years before as well as a lot of internal work as I navigated the reality of relationships and choices that require consideration rather than a willingness to defer to socially defined templates.

I feel like I have dug deep in 2018 and done the emotional and practical work of laying strong foundations for my future. I am most proud of the work I have done in therapy as well as the changes I have effected in my relationships including the emotional openness and honesty I have created with my two children.

What are you most proud of from this year? And what are you most looking forward to in 2019?

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