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Anatomie in Peckham is the first and only shibari studio in the UK!

Anatomie is owned by Anna Bones and Fred Hatt – London based international rope educators and shibari artists.

The studio is first and foremost a school and a place of learning for Japanese Rope Bondage / Shibari / Kinbaku. Here, Anna & Fred host regular events, which include weekly rope jams, study groups, and regular shibari classes, (group classes and private one-on-one tuition).

Anatomie Studio is deeply committed to the fellowing values:

Sex/Kink-positivity (as a broad ideology and world view, sex positivity is simply the idea that all sex, as long as it is healthy and explicitly consensual, is a positive thing)
Body-positivity (being body positive means accepting yourself and others as you are, regardless of size, shape, colour etc and to be not afraid of being visible – i.e. the opposite of ‘body shaming’)
Diversity, Inclusivity & Tolerance (we welcome anyone from any background, religion or creed in to our space – ALL are welcome).

The Review

Anatomie has gotten bigger and better and now, with the new and improved space they deserve the experienced team are delivering their world class teaching to a great mix of both new and experienced people every week.

The jams are great for beginners as well as for meeting new people and there is lots of space and support for more experienced riggers and rope bunnies.

This is a kink positive and aware space but shibari is not only for the fetish community. It is an art form and is treated as such at Anatomie.

Highly recommended!

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