Location(s): United Kingdom

Tags: Fetish, BDSM

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Event Description

Industrial, Goth, Industrial metal, 80s, alternative anthems and Metal event with a more hard core fetish crowd.

Venues are usually multi level and fearure several dance floors, The Hellfire Room (Goth/Alt, Post Punk and industrial metal), PFI (TBM, futurepop and dark electro), The Hole (Metal), MoS (hard dance and hardstyle) as well as dungeon and play spaces.

The Review

A well established event on the BDSM scene, AC is popular, well attended, friendly and fun.

Expect full on fetish wear as well as play and a focus on goth as well as metal looks and sounds. The crowd is a good mix of experienced and new across all ages and genders. In our experience, it is diverse, welcoming and safe.

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