Zara DuRose Ball


Location(s): United Kingdom

Tags: Fetish, Voyeurism

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Event Description

Since 2015 ZDR Events have grown in popularity from 90 people to over 700. Each with a different theme, ranging from Winter Wonderland to Seven Seas Of Pleasure, it guarantees a night of unique adventure and excitement.
Our events attract a mixed crowd, from singles to couples (& poly groups!), to an array of ages.

Whatever the theme, our parties accept a huge range of open-minded individuals, S&M experienced players & newcomers, swingers & fetishists.

You can expect Live music, DJ’s, dancing, risqué shows & walkabout performances, dedicated play areas & dungeons & a friendly crowd.

The Review

The London Fetish Weekend ball in 2018 was a popular and successful event and the ZDR team are expanding their roster of events across 2019.

Expect a mix of some very experienced as well as very new people and a very fetish and play friendly scene as well as some unique features such as live music and art installations.

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