Conscious Relationships in Conversation

“Conscious Relationships: in conversation”

This will be a safe, accessible space to share, discuss and move forward towards the extraordinary conscious relationships we all deserve. The first one is on Thursday January 9th in Battersea. These will be for a maximum of 10 people and will be curated to have a mixture of attendees.

The evening will run for about two hours starting around 7pm and will be at a cost of £20pp (+VAT), payable in advance. The first event will be: “The one about dating and connecting”. The second one will be in early March and will be “The one about commitment and change”.

The idea behind these conversation groups is to create safe, welcoming and fun get togethers where we can talk, share and explore ideas more deeply. Where we can get the support we need to make change, to celebrate the great stuff going on and to work through any issues we are dealing with. The idea would be to commit to working together and communicating as a small group over the mid to long term. Community is key to Alethya and we believe that these kind of spaces are how we go about creating that as well as supporting you in developing extraordinary conscious relationships.

If you are interested in being involved please email me: and I can begin curating the group(s). Ticket link to follow once you have emailed.


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Thursday January 9 2020

6:30 pm - 9:00 pm




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Nexus and Nomo are the two events run by Alethya. Nexus is a bi-monthly social held in zone 1 where we meet to discuss all things relationships and more. Nexus is intelligent, relaxed, friendly and engaging. NoMo is the only independent agency play party in the UK. NoMo is smart, playful and sexy.