Everything you wanted to know about open relationships – an evening with Dr Lori Beth and Anita Cassidy

Everything you wanted to know about OPEN AND MONOGAMOUS RELATIONSHIPS but were afraid to ask

Because sometimes you need to talk to people not a search engine…

Join experienced psychologist, sex and intimacy coach Dr Lori Beth Bisbey and writer and conscious relationship advocate Anita Cassidy for the first in a series of events that allow you to ask questions and discuss, monogamy, openness, non-monogamy and conscious relationships.

On Wednesday SEPTEMBER 18TH, Lori Beth and Anita Cassidy will host a discussion on non-monogamy and conscious relationships. With a vast range of experience between them, this will be lively and friendly evening that gives you space to ask the questions that you can’t get answers to online.

**Can open/non-monogamous relationships REALLY work?**

**Is opening up just the beginning of the end?**

**How do we make time for us when we have work and kids?**

**How do I handle my jealousy? How do I handle theirs?**

**How can we keep our sex life alive in a long term relationship?**

**Is “happy ever after” really a fairy tale?**

**What if I want something my partner doesn’t?**

**Is wanting to be monogamous really okay?**

**I/we want to explore but where do we start!?**

With their trademark candour and authenticity, Lori and Anita can answer your questions, share their own stories and help guide you on your own, unique path to the conscious relationship life that you deserve.




18:45- 20:30

Nearest tube: HOLBORN

You can email or send in questions in advance to: anita.cassidy@alethya.com

Any queries re the event: anita.cassidy@alethya.com


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Event Details

Wednesday September 18 2019

6:45 pm - 8:30 pm




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