NEXUS – Autumn 2020


Come and meet other explorers of all ages and backgrounds in a relaxed bar in Central London. At Nexus, we catch up with friends old and new, and discuss relationships, monogamy, adultery, desire, sex as well as politics, science, philosophy, self-growth and awareness. Whatever your story, you will find support and entertainment with us.

Don’t know what Nexus is? Find more information here.


Event Details

Thursday October 22 2020

6:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Black & Blue,

Mepham Street,


About Our Events

What are Nexus and Nomo?

Nexus and Nomo are the two events run by Alethya. Nexus is a bi-monthly social held in zone 1 where we meet to discuss all things relationships and more. Nexus is intelligent, relaxed, friendly and engaging. NoMo is the only independent agency play party in the UK. NoMo is smart, playful and sexy.