New to the idea of non-monogamy / polyamory and openness?

New to the idea of non-monogamy / poly / conscious monogamy and conscious relationships?

Alethya has got you covered

Whilst this site is dedicated to supporting you in developing extraordinary conscious relationships of all types, many people come to our quarterly socials and read the articles because they are curious about or exploring non-monogamy, openness or polyamory.

To help you navigate the wealth of content on this site, we have brought together some top level pieces as a starting point.


Labels and words can be limiting but also really helpful. There are a lot of new and, often confusingly, ill-defined terms in the world of non-monogamy and relationships. Our plain speaking glossaries can really help.

Think about…

Your values

Your past and the stories that have got you here

Your hopes for the future


About desire (often a related exploration to openness)

About kink (also often related to exploring openness)

About relationships and what they might be for

About why mainstream media gets openness and poly SO wrong 

About how and why some people make mistakes in openness


“P is for Polyamory”



Anita talks desire, adultery and relationships with Christine Wild



Game changers – what they are and how they affect you and your relationships


Time is not the indicator of your importance

Our Resources

We are not here to tell you where to go or how to get there but, instead, to help guide you on your own unique journey. Access some road maps and learn more here.

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