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MAY 2019

Over 30 people gathered together on Friday, May 31st to connect, laugh and share stories about life, love and all the equally important stuff that happens in between.

Our first event since the successful launch of Alethya in February, it was great to see so many new as well as familiar faces. People who had been before brought their friends along and, to us, this speaks volumes about this event and those who attend it: NEXUS is something that, once experienced, you want to share with others.

The Pimms and fizzy water flowed as we talked about everything from consent to time management, friendships to anger, jealousy to books.

At 8pm, Anita Cassidy, co-founder and writer, gave a short but insightful talk entitled: “What does happy ever after mean today?”

Having been happily married for nearly a decade and then going through the incredibly difficult experience of realising that things were not working out as she had planned, Anita shared the story of her journey from marriage to polyamory as well as her thoughts on how the fairy-tales we are told sell us very short on both the challenging realities but also the magical possibilities of all relationships.

A few quotes below:

“Contrary to too many of the stories we’ve heard, happiness, on a park bench or elsewhere, is not a guaranteed outcome of a life lived a certain way”

We need to acknowledge that we are as likely to hurt someone as be hurt ourselves. That we might change as much as the other. We cannot always fight well, we will mess up, we WILL make mistakes. It is about being forgiving of the self, of everyone.” 

“The fairy stories all tend to focus on how love FEELS – extraordinary conscious relationships focus on what love DOES”

There will be a chance to hear Anita develop these ideas and answer questions at future events.

On July 3rd, Anita will be joined by experienced therapist and intimacy coach, Dr Lori Beth Bisbey, for a Q and A on non-monogamy. This event will be held at The Apple Tree in Clerkenwell from 18:30 and tickets can be bought here.

If you have any questions about Alethya or NEXUS please get in touch:

The autumn edition of NEXUS will be on Friday September 6th, central London venue TBC.


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