Alethya on tour – Spain 2017

Some of your relationship radicals went overseas a few weeks ago to enjoy the sights and sounds of the little known but very awesome Benicassim music festival.

Much music, seaside fun and paella was enjoyed but, as relationship radicals, we are never on holiday, and so we took the opportunity to engage with people about non-monogamy whenever we could.

With the words free kisses and free hugs emblazoned on our bare backs and arms, we kissed and we chatted to various people across the festival. The most common reaction was delight.  Even if they know non-monogamy is not for them, most people are genuinely curious about it and love to ask questions about how we manage jealousy, our time as well as the day to day way in which we run multiple relationships.

We met a kinky pair from Southampton who were role-reversing their D/s play with him on a lead and, talking to them, it was clear that they had had a great time displaying their kinks for all to see.

Kink and polyamory are unlikely to be the norm anytime soon but any part, no matter how small, that we can play in making it a visible option for people and for it to be seen as a choice that can be made by people that “look like me” is important.

It is not about normalisation or conversion but about awareness raising. By sharing the truth of our own non-mongamous experiences, we help people to see that it is an actual thing and not just a concept. By being honest about the challenges as well as enthusiastic about the benefits, we help people to see that it is something that they can discuss with themselves and partners as they navigate their own unique relationship life.




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