Powerful self time – a rethink of the “hot girl walk” phenomenon

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Yet another joyful thing to come out of my Tiktok addiction (bar this clip of a floating crocodile) is the idea of the “hot girl walk”. I saw a short video of a young woman talking about taking a brisk walk for at least an hour a day during which they tried to focus on their own goals, achievements and priorities and tuned out any negativity as well as not thinking about partners/male validation. The person said how helpful this process had been for managing their anxiety, reducing the need for external validation and focussing on what they wanted and needed for themselves. The concept has been written about here too.

As someone who struggles with anxiety and other mental health issues, this resonated with me and so I tried it. I’ve been taking a walk most days anyway (because lockdown) but I reframed it as time to think about myself, to day dream and imagine what might be possible as well as tune into my body and nature. So, a meditative as well as thoughtful and sensory process.

I walk briskly around my local common for about an hour and tune into my body, to the sights, sounds and smells around me as well as my feelings. I remind myself of my achievements, notice and acknowledge any negativity and fears or challenging feelings and consider my priorities in the short and mid term. I also allow myself to day dream, to let my mind meander and wander as I move. This ‘curious about the self time’ creates space for imagination and creativity. Even after a week or so, I can report that it’s a really powerful exercise.

Rather than focus on the “hot” “girl” concepts I would like to suggest that we call this powerful self time and make it about any period of time where you tune into your body, self and needs in a mindful way. You can stretch or stroll, you can sit or stride. It’s for everybody. It’s a time to reflect on what is important to you and to notice repetitive thoughts or concerns rather than pushing them away. Tune into your body and its sensations as much you can, notice the shifts and changes in those sensations. Breathe. Smile. 🙂

What do you think? Will you give this a try? Let me know how you find it 🙂 (comment here or email:


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