A list of the unwanted touch and comments I have received – 1976-2021

Anita Cassidy

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This, sadly, needs no introduction. It is a list of the unwanted touch/attention I recall receiving throughout my life to date. I am now 45.

In my pre-teens

Followed home by a man whilst walking home from a friend’s house

In my teens

Hair pulled on the bus to school

Grabbed in the crotch on bus to school

Uncle making me dance with him and squeezing my bum when I was 14

Cat-called several few times

London in my 20s

Mugged whilst walking home – followed down road, pushed to ground, phone stolen

Hit on the arm by a teenage boy with a stick as I walked past

Hit on the head by a passing man as I put my rubbish out

Flashed at by a man whilst sitting on a stationary tube train

London in my 40s

Cat called as I walked to a night out

Sexual assault on a date

Bum grabbed and squeezed on the underground as I walked by

Hands on my body, without asking, numerous times at nightclubs

Hand on my back and body pressed against whilst stood talking to friends in a pub

Sexual hand gesture as I walked to the train station one afternoon to pick up kids


45 (part II)


A list of the unwanted touch and comments I have received – 1976-2021

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