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As a self-employed, single parent, I have a lot to do but I am also very lucky that I have time, most days, to read, write and think. It is having this time that made the creation of Alethya possible and it is having this time that makes the support I am able to give to myself and those I care about.

I recently spent some time reading and exploring new ideas as part of the incredible Dawn Serra’s Explore More Summit. This week long series of interviews and workbooks is really leading edge thinking about the self and relationships and society.

On the first day of talks I heard Emily and Amelia Nagoski talk about burnout and stress cycles as well as pleasure and also heard Isabel Abbott talk about sanctuary and the idea of “healing”. “Healing” and being “healed” is an idea I am currently pondering as I write my new trilogy of books about family. It is highly typical of neo-liberalism and late-stage capitalism to co-opt the idea of healing as something that is goal-driven and has an end point. There is no erasing a childhood of harm. There are just ways of making sure that it does not break you for ever.

The process is a life long one and one for which we all need support. Regardless of what has happened in our pasts, we all need spaces where we feel safe and cared for, we all need to spaces where we can be fully seen and heard: witnessed.

Alethya’s social and get togethers are part of that space as are the mentoring or coaching sessions you can book with me. Take a look here for details.

take a look at Isabel’s work here. And know that, whatever you are dealing with, you are not alone.


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