Le Boudoir


Location(s): United Kingdom

Tags: Voyeurism, Swinging

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Le Boudoir is the #TheHomeOfSwinging, the place to meet people from all around the world…. and sleep with them!

The Review

Le Boudoir is a members only swinging club in East London. Well established, it hosts parties every Friday and Saturday as well as special events at different times of the year and nights just for bi people and kinky people. It draws a national and international crowd and has a great reputation on the broader swinging scene.

Clean, safe and welcoming, expect lots of red and black as well as a well equipped but often under used dungeon space. There are private rooms as well as a dark room. The lounge is a friendly and fun space for dancing and chat and the upstairs area has plenty of room for individuals as well as groups to enjoy themselves.

A confident and sexy crowd across all ages, expect an often loose approach to consent, lots of new people as well as experienced swingers and players and plenty of friendly voyeurs.

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